Workshop Announcement

Despite the growing interest in the phenomenon of intersubjectivity, Edith Stein’s phenomenological investigations have been largely neglected due to a historical tradition that tends to consider her either as Husserl’s assistant or as a martyr.

However, in her early phenomenological research, Edith Stein pursued critically the relation between phenomenology and psychology. Her work on intentionality put forward a criticism of Husserl that deserves further reflection. Alongside the early phenomenologists such as Max Scheler, Adolf Reinach, Roman Ingarden and Alexander Pfänder, she developed critically Husserl’s method with several modifications.

The workshop aims to challenge a historical stereotype that is long overdue by inquiring Edith Stein’s direct contribution to phenomenology. Topics would cover her connection to the Early Phenomenological Movement, the idealism/realism debate, the problems of empathy and values, the discussion of Edith Stein’s sources as well as her relation to contemporary philosophy of embodiment, emotions and intentionality.

The workshop will be held at Newman House in Dublin from Thursday 14th to Friday 15th May.


Prof. Dermot Moran (UCD) and Dr Elisa Magrì (UCD)

Conference Poster
Conference Poster